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Sancy Food Studios is a concept that works in continuity and stability with a versatile team, specialized in the shoot of close-ups (sfx, propsmen, food stylists, high speed camera operators, motion control operator, editors, grading operators ...). Its experience, skills and know-how acquired for almost 10 years reassure and allow to offer a full service of high quality for all your advertising projects. Our huge tabletop studio located in Auvergne, equipped with a professional kitchen and production offices allow us to handle your most ambitious projects in the best conditions. The concept is also mobile and adapts to your customer's needs and that's why many shootings took place abroad: Barcelona, London, Zagreb, Geneva ...


A team of food stylists selects the freshest, most appetising elements, which will be presented 
in the screen. Our home economists also advise and propose the recipes that will highlight 
the client's brand. Finally, they magnify all the ingredients, whether those which compose
 the burger's build-up, any kind of chocolate, or the different elements that illustrate
the packshot.


A control interface allows the instant programming of our motion control robot to adapt, in real time, to your customers' requests. This tool allows you to perform simple camera movements and variants, on the set, during the shoot. For more complex movements, such as changes in orientation, in speed, or in focus, some preparation days have to be foreseen, few days before the date of shoot.

Electro-valves controlled to the millisecond, burners, bubblers, mixers, catapults, treadmills and many other rigs are created or developed for all of your projects to respect as closely as possible the vision of your artistic team.